Ready to move on from your Windows platform to Apple’s?


Worried about transferring your files from your old Windows to your new Mac? Do not worry. VIVO can help you with the process. With Migration Assistant things can get as easy as a single drag and drop that can be set up in less than five minutes. The process is not only hassle-free but works and allows you to keep your new Apple computer exactly the same way it was before (documents, pictures, music, video, etc.).

We also offer ways to transfer all your Gmail and Microsoft Outlook Express data/info (such as contacts, emails, etc.) into your new Mac either on your Apple version of Outlook Express or into the Apple application Mail, either wirelessly, with an external drive, or simply with an ethernet cable.

With Apple, the possibilities are endless…Whether you are backing up or transferring your files into your new computer, Apple offers many options, some of which include iCloud, Time Machine, or iSync.

Why are you waiting to buy a reliable and affordable Mac from VIVO?


It is an iPad week here at VIVO Computers!


This week we are having a sale on iPad 2 on 16, 32, or 64GB. These super powerful units feature two cameras, Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities, and come in either white or black colors. They can also be easily synced with your other Apple devices through the iCloud (music, pictures, contacts, calendars, documents, etc.). We are also offering Kensington, Maroo, and Incase accessories for iPads of any generation with a 30% discount.

Don’t wait too long as they will not last long.