Reasons for switching to a Mac


Still considering moving from Windows to Mac? Here are a few reasons that VIVO Computers quickly put together for you:

Here at VIVO, we care about our customers and want to offer them the ultimate computer experience. After much deliberation, we have come up with a hefty list of reasons why you, or any Windows user, should move onto a Mac platform.

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Reasons for switching to a Mac:


Working on a computer that doesn’t have a virus scanner may seem a bit uncommon, but it’s really how we like things to be. The Mac OS X operating system is not affected by any of the hundreds, if not thousands, of PC viruses out there. In other words, Mac computers feature built-in defenses that help keep you safe from spyware and malware. It also saves you from scanning for anti-virus software, from the hassle of constant alerts, and from often expensively annoying updates. Because computers with a Mac OS X do not become hindered by viruses or malware, you’ll save tons of money on yearly virus scanner licenses, no nightlong scans of your hard drives, and consequently, more time to play.

2. It all works!

Apple has diligently designed the best software and operating system (OS X), making sure it all works properly and without crashing. We know your time means money, and Apple as well as VIVO Computers wants you to save and to max out your productivity.

3. No drivers.

Most base systems do not require a driver in order to function properly. Most devices are compatible with Macs and all the applications are designed to work in a plug-and-play manner.

4. Affordable, if not free, software upgrades ($19.99) as well as free software updates. Apple has made sure that upgrading your operating system translates into a hassle-free process with less troubleshooting, and therefore, fewer headaches. Why worry about overpaying for operating system upgrades anymore?

5. Outstanding state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Another important reason why Macs perform longer and are much more reliable than the average personal computer on the market.

Why worry about warranty so much when Apple products rarely break?

6. Amazing operating system “OS X”.

Macs can run both the Mac OS X operating system and Windows (Windows XP to Windows 8) either with Apple’s Boot Camp or Parallels Desktop (without rebooting) proprietary applications. Mac OS X is also designed to run Windows applications without hassles. This can be a huge plus for long-time Windows users who don’t want to reinstall their operating system on a twice-yearly basis.

7. Award-winning technical support.

Yes, just like it sounds. Award-winning technical support from Apple, either through the Apple Retail Store (Genius Bar, Joint Venture, Workshops, or One to One) or over the phone with the extended warranty also known as the AppleCare Protection Plan. Additionally, VIVO Computers also offers free tech support for all our customers within the 30-day warranty period.

And the list goes on and on…so why are you waiting to switch over to a Mac?


Upcoming Halloween iMac sale!

Watch for this upcoming Halloween iMac sale!

At VIVO Computers, we are ecstatic with the groundbreaking launch of Apple’s new OS X “Mavericks”, as well as with the release of the new iPad Air and iPad Mini. For these reasons we have decided to have another imac clearance sale this weekend.

This Halloween, VIVO Computers will be offering a clearance sale on 2008, 2009 and 2011 iMacs and Macbooks. Our sale starts this Friday and goes all the way until Halloween! Stay in touch and do not hesitate to call, text or email us to make an appointment.

And please never forget, “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”.

Happy Halloween!

Heads up folks! VIVO is having another iMac week sale this weekend.


Heads up folks! VIVO is having another iMac week sale this weekend starting on friday at 9am. For those who want to avoid water spillages, worry about dropping their computers, or simply are in a tight budget, here’s your chance to get into a very reliable and affordable long term investment.

This week, VIVO Computers is carrying 2009 and 2011 iMacs in all sizes featuring the latest operating system (Mountain Lion 10.8.4) and Apple programs in the market. And as mentioned before, we have the best service and prices in town! Take advantage of this offer before they’re all gone.

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