32 comments on “CUSTOMER FEEDBACK

  1. I bought all my apple products (imac, ipad, and macbook) from this company and love them! I received great customer service and any time I need help I call them! This company is very reliable and reasonable in price. I won’t go any where else.

  2. We recently bought a Macbook Pro from Vivo. The price was incredible, but the service was even better. I was a little concerned about buying a used computer, however, after this experience, I’m very confident buying from Vivo and highly recommend them.

  3. Vivo will fix you up with an expertly reconditioned Mac at a great price, with outstanding customer service and excellent tech support– highly recommended. A pleasure to do business with!

  4. My 7 year old MacBook finally died. I was looking on Craigslist for computers or repair options. I found VIVO’s add for the very MacBook Pro I am typing this on now. He was very flexible with my needs and threw in all kinds of extras. I got a very good computer for an extremely fair price. Good, honest, guy. He originally quoted a higher price, but then when he discovered that this computer was a single not a duo core processor as he thought, he brought the price down without me even asking him about it. I feel very confident that I got a good computer that’s going to last a long time, but also, if something did go wrong with it for some reason, he’d be more than happy to fix it or give me other options. Muchas gracias, VIVO!

  5. I bought my Macbook Pro for a great price here. I haven’t had any issues with it. I found the service to be friendly, honest and at a great price. I recommend Vivo to anyone who wants a used laptop for a unbeatable price.

  6. I am thrilled with my used MacBook Pro. It is super-fast, and very clean. I was VERY nervous about buying a pre-owed computer, but also couldn’t justify the expense of a new one. EJ made the transaction very pleasant, and, as others have said, the price was very reasonable. He has made himself available for tech support, and I am confident that he will support the product he sold. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you, EJ!

  7. Scott W. says:
    Bought my MacBook Pro here. The price was right and the selection changes almost daily so if at first you don’t succeed try again!
    I also now know where my Mac-Quadra, (2)silver G-4’s, (2) bondi blue IMacs and the clamshell laptop can go to be recycled!

  8. Love vivo 1000% I’m a first time Mac owner when I went to purchase they broke down specs for all their devices was super friendly excellent customer service very very helpful can’t wait to do more business with them. Definitely will be telling everyone I know about vivo. Thank you so much.

  9. I got an incredible deal from EJ and am very very happy with my 2011 MacBook Pro (barely used and still under warranty!). He was easy to work with and I’d be happy to purchase from him again.

  10. Bought another Macbook from them way better than my last excellent service as usual he even threw in some extras I wasn’t expecting 100% satisfied

  11. I also must say these guys are awesome. I bought a macbook pro from them which i’m typing on and have not had any issues! also great price!! They delivered it to my job as i work seven days a week and very helpful! Thanks guys!

  12. I bought a computer from VIVO a couple of weeks ago. It came fully loaded with everything I needed and wanted. They even brought it to my apartment and set everything up. I would definitely buy from them again!

  13. Bought a 24″ iMac recently from Vivo, and I love it! My trusted old friend, a 10.4 iMac, was waaaay slowing down, so I knew I had to find a replacement. Now I wonder why I waited so long! Nice folks, good price!

  14. We needed a MacBook right now at the right price. Not only did VIVO have several units that met our needs, they had the RAM in stock for a very quick upgrade. We know where my next Apple productions will come from: VIVO! EJ, you rock. Thank you very much.

  15. The MacBook Pro I rely on for the bulk of my work died a couple of weeks ago, and I was able to replace it with a very similar model from VIVO quickly, and at reasonable cost, already configured with a lot of what I needed. Thanks!

  16. The MacBook Pro I rely on for the bulk of my work died a couple of weeks ago, and I was able to replace it with a very similar model from VIVO quickly, and at reasonable cost, already configured with a lot of what I needed. Thanks!

  17. I went looking for a MacBook air on craigslist because of the durability of the product and I needed it for school, business, and youtube <3. I would have been fine with the 11" screen, unfortunately they only had 13". Even still the 13" was at a great price. I had great service, great product, at a reasonable price. Unbeatable! 🙂

  18. I needed a mobile solution for my freelance graphic design business. After shopping around for several weeks, a friend (also VIVO customer) pointed me to VIVO. Ej is awesome, the Macbook Pro he sold me is way better and has more features than any other Mac in the price range. I am spreading the good news about VIVO to all my firends and associates.
    Go VIVO!

  19. Where can i start! Great Service, Great computer!
    I was able to contact the gentleman Ernie, and buy it the same day within a matter of minutes. The computer was sold to me at an unbeatable price fully loaded. I am an avid video editor, and this computer gets the job done seamlessly. It would be wrong not to buy a mac off this guy (vivo).

    Thank you Ernie!


  20. I found my used MacBook Air on Craigslist through Vivo’s ad there. Everything went smoothly. I met with Ernie (a super nice guy) who showed me the computer and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I noticed it was missing the extender cable and he was happy to send one to me in the mail. After two months, the computer has proven to be in great condition – I got a great deal & I’m fully satisfied! I’ll definitely check back in with Vivo when I need a new (used) Mac product. Thanks!

  21. Ernie is absolutely fantastic. He is on time, responsive, and 100% legit. I have purchased 3 computers from him over the past 18 months and he has gone out of his way to make my experience excellent. Anyone that might think twice about purchasing a used Mac should realize Ernie makes the experience just as rewarding as walking into an Apple store – but without the premium price tag!

  22. I wanted to buy an iMac to edit photos on and run the adobe suites without glitching. After determining the necessary parameters, I started scouring CL. I accidentally responded to an ad for a more expensive iMac, and when I discovered my error and wrote an apology, Ernie quickly tried to find something that would meet my price range and specifications. After some back and forth, we met up and I was given a chance to play around with the computer and choose a mouse and keyboard.

    I’ve had the computer for about a month now and I couldn’t be happier with its performance. It’s an older 2008 refurbished iMac but it runs so smoothly and works well for what I need it for. I intend to have another bit of memory installed by Ernie. I trust his expertise and feel like he gave me super fair deal, so I intend to use him again for future upgrades and potential new computers. I also recommend him to anyone in the Seattle area. Thanks!

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